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Hello :) My name is Nicole Holborow-Browne.

I am a business coach, and love helping new and small business grow and maintain focus in a minefield of information and distractions!
I am an accountant, and have been helping small and medium businesses for over 20 years. But I have always enjoyed the business planning and support side as much as the tax and financial aspects. I love engaging with business owners about their passion, but it needs to be done right to ensure it can grow. With my strong financial expertise, linked with my passion to see your business thrive, we can work together to keep it on track, while doing all the important bits such as budgeting, cashflows and costing of your products.

My aim will be to give you a lot of practical advice on what needs to be done once you register your business, whats important and what needs to be outsourced, what online tools could help you run your business better, what about social media, when do you need to employ someone... but hopefully we can do that over a good cup of coffee with me firmly in your corner rooting for your success.

I do feel I have been doing business coaching as part of my accounting practice already (we love hearing about our client’s new business ventures!), but it was time to formalise it and have an excuse to chat more about the business and how to grow with good business sense and practical advice.



Business coaching

Business starts with a passion. A dream. And then it takes a lot of planning, organizing and inspiration to turn it into success.

Let's chat

Chat to me about what it will take to move your business from where it is now, to your wildest dream.
Let’s get there together. 




Let me help with your accounting.
We will help you with all the complicated things that accountants usually need to do, but we can also get all the simpler things sorted out so your business runs smoother.

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